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The success of a company website is ultimately determined by conversion rates. Higher income and sales are indicative of healthy conversion rates. 

Poor conversion rates indicate that visitors to your website aren't being converted into leads or customers, which means that the effort you make in generating traffic is either yielding a meager return or, worse yet, is just wasted. UX design is the backbone of any website and plays a crucial role in determining the conversion rate. 

A great user experience that improves visitors' browsing experiences is a crucial component of a successful UX design service, in addition to an intuitive user flow and a visually appealing layout. To improve the UX design of your website and increase conversion rate, here are tips to consider:

What is UX Design?

88% of online shoppers say they won’t return to a site after having a bad experience. It’s estimated that as many as 70% of online businesses fail simply because they didn’t conduct the necessary testing and work to boost their UX design.

The user experience starts as soon as a visitor lands on your website. It's what occurs during this procedure and how it affects or pleases the visitors to your website. Numerous elements, including information quality, loading time, and visual style, have an impact on their experience.

The method design teams employ to produce products that provide customers meaningful and pertinent experiences is known as user experience design. UX design takes into account elements of usability, usability, design, and function when designing the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product.

According to the guidance, the objective of a UX designer is to polish every component of this and guarantee that the site satisfies the user’s needs, pain points, and expectations. If visitors are delighted with your content, ease of navigation, aesthetic design, and overall experience, you may expect greater conversion rates.

Actionable Tips to Improve Conversion Rates

Design a clear CTA button

CTA buttons guide users towards conversion and should be placed on every page of the website. Websites with obvious CTAs have been found to have greater conversion rates. Use contrasting colors and wording that is action-oriented with a word count of no more than five to make the CTA stand out. Also, keep the CTA above the fold for easy visibility to users.

Eliminate those annoying 404 error

404 errors can drive users away from your website, so it’s important to find and fix them as soon as possible. Make the error messages more personable and engaging by changing the default "404 error: page cannot be displayed" page. 

Assuring consumers of a seamless surfing experience requires the use of pertinent, interesting imagery and the addition of a personal touch to the error text.

Speed up loading time

Google reports that 53% of mobile users will leave your page if it doesn’t load within three seconds. Yes, just three seconds.

The slower your pages open, the lower your likelihood of conversion. Even if your visitors are ready to wait a little longer, high load times create a bad experience, and they'll definitely detest it if they have to wait to access every page they are interested in.

Slow loading pages can mean visitors will view fewer pages, and might never get to take the desired action. That’s why it’s vital to optimize your site for mobile and desktop users.

Numerous tools are available to help with this, starting with PageSpeed Insights from Google. With the help of this tool, you can identify the slowest areas of your website and learn how to speed them up.

Consider free offer

People love getting free things. It doesn't matter if it's a small token of appreciation for their business, a sample item they can use before making a decision to buy, or even something as basic as free shipping, this can foster brand preference and loyalty.

NuFace, a producer of anti-ageing devices, decided to give people an incentive to increase their conversion rate. They displayed a free shipping message for orders over $75. Not only did this convince people to buy more products to get free shipping, but the number of orders jumped by 90%.

Conduct user testing

You may get input from actual people through user testing, helping you to better understand how they use your website. This might assist you in locating any UX design pain spots or potential improvement areas. Use the feedback to make necessary changes and improve the overall user experience.

Make your site easy on the eye

Readability is key to a good user experience. Clear type, white space, and high contrast all facilitate reading.

On top of this, there’s (again) the matter of skimming. Most individuals don't read an entire page of text. To locate what they're looking for, users scan the website's content. If they don’t find it right away, they’ll often move to your competition and you’ll lose conversions.

To fix this, first, make sure that your content is readable. Use easy-to-read "artsy" fonts sparingly or never at all, choose a neutral background, and use a clear, aesthetically pleasing font size and color.

You can also use fonts, colors, and other features to emphasize key information. 

Bold your critical points, italicize them, make the font bigger – everything to show people what information is the most important part of your content.

Use authentic images

A webpage can benefit from images to make it more visually appealing, but using stock photos can backfire. Users can easily spot stock images and lose interest, while original photos have a more realistic approach and can connect with users better. To distinguish yourself and give off a more polished impression, use real images on your website.

Spice up content with videos

Regardless of how well-written it is, too much text can be unsettling. Many visitors may not even start reading your content unless there’s something interesting visually to grab their attention. Even then, many visitors will skim your text rather than read it word for word.

That’s why videos are so popular. They are engaging, present content much faster, and people love them. According to Research, over 80% of video marketers believe that videos help with lead generation, increase traffic, and improve sales.

Focus on producing an exceptional, high-caliber marketing video if you want this to be successful. For practical, doable advice, check out this Visme video marketing guide.


By following these tips, you can improve the UX design of your website and increase the conversion rate. Remember, a great user experience will convert visitors into leads, buyers, and brand advocates.  

If you do your best to ensure that your UX design is awesome, your website visitors will be more likely to convert in high numbers. Codezee Solutions is a top UI UX design company, it can significantly improve website conversion rates by prioritizing user-centric UX design principles. 

By creating a seamless and intuitive user experience, visitors are more likely to engage with the site and take desired actions. Streamlined navigation, responsive design, and fast loading times are essential technical aspects, while aesthetics and consistent branding contribute to a memorable and trustworthy online presence.

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